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At a very young age, Valérie Barth was involved with people suffering from disabilities, and, in particular, worked with and helped young people on events organised by the French organisation for paraplegics (APF).
Over time, she carried this sensitivity across into her work as an architect through various projects, starting in in 2004, for private clients wishing to improve the interior of their home while preserving its aesthetics.

Since 2012, she has been a pioneer in incorporating accessibility into architectural and property projects.
So, through her studio she proves that luxury, authenticity, diversity and disability can be combined.

This societal concern has led to laws that mean that certain considerations and investments are necessary, which can sometimes be costly.

Accessibility has an impact on design and the use of space

  • regulations regarding families and handicap
  • differences between new builds and existing buildings
  • accessibility to the service within the construction
accessibility disabled bath

How to make accessible public spaces?

As the property owner or client and future manager of premises that accept people with reduced mobility, the right questions need to be asked and, and the former need to be advised by professionals who are recognised as being able to offer assistance on this highly technical issue as a whole.

The Valérie Barth studio is now offering its expertise to these clients, in particular with regard to:

  1. Accessibility audits
  2. The drawing up and submission of applications, as well as processing and obtaining exemptions
  3. Renovation work and signage
    Many customers have already entrusted work to us, including the owners of high-end properties and large groups such as the Skema Sofia, Lille and Paris (campus covering 50,000 m²) business schools.

What are the standards for accessibility for people with disabilities?

disabled standard lift
luxury ergonomic handicap renovation

For information on the standards for building accessibility, visit the official sites: