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Mediterranean spirit in architecture

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Valerie Barth Studio is an interior design and design company based on the French Riviera, providing seamless integration of style, function and quality. After completing her course at the prestigious Olivier de Serres École Supérieure Nationale d’Arts Appliqués [School of Applied Arts] in Paris, her artistic journey surged ahead, and she channelled her artistic abilities with a lot of support from her family, opening her studio on the French Riviera.

Valérie began her career in Cannes, the capital of luxury, which, thanks to its pleasant climate, has always attracted the English aristocracy. She started her career very young, and as a mother, she had to strike a balance between her family life and business. As a young entrepreneur, she had to deal with international clients who were much older than her and highly experienced. They had very high expectations of her, and Valerie had to deal with the difficult task of putting across her points of view, and explaining French administrative matters.


The French Riviera is known the world over for its glamour and beauty, not forgetting that it has one of the world’s most pleasant climates. The deep blue waters of the Cote d’Azur form the dramatic backdrop of the elegant Riviera. The glitz and glamor of France’s Mediterranean coastline (known as the Côte d’Azur in French) has few rivals in the world. From the giant yachts of St. Tropez to the uber high-end resorts of Monaco and the star-studded Cannes film festival, the French Riviera is known for its pristine blue waters, warm weather, high rollers and busy coastal resorts. This area, however, while expensive and overcrowded in the summer, is famous for some special reasons – it is beautiful, chic, and it has great weather and even better food. There are beautiful destinations in this spectacular region of France where you can live, buy a home, and even renovate one. There is a special light in the south that seems to soften colours, and enhance the rich Mediterranean vegetation of palm and olive trees.

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The studio deals with international clients, and working with a client in different time zone can be a huge challenge. Your client may be awake when you are normally asleep, and vice versa. She faced the challenge of time zone differences and made it convenient for her clients to contact her when they were available and when it was convenient for them. She made every effort to make things easy for her clients by having a team of multilingual people, providing an interpreter to communicate with her clients in their language. If Valérie has to communicate a lot with a foreign client, she first reads up about their country their culture. The CEO believes that a little sensitivity and a friendly approach is all it takes to build a great rapport with a foreign client.

Our team came together via personal networks, and our growth is the product of hard work, natural talent and happy clients. As an Interior designer and a property finder, Valérie considers one of the biggest compliments she can be paid is if clients are not only happy with the design but feel at home from the moment they move in. Her clients return to her, trusting both her unerring eye for design and the emphasis she puts on their very special relationship.

With each customer came a new experience and new lessons to be learned, forming the basis for the continued Valérie Barth philosophy, according to which exceptional customer service is paramount. We pride ourselves on offering impeccable customer service – no query or request is too small or too much for our dedicated team. We believe that successful projects should exceed the clients’ expectations for design, functionality and budget.

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Valérie Barth Studio believes that a home is best furnished with joyful moments and should tell your story to all who enter.

Interiors designed by Valerie Barth that furnish a home bring to light that story, ensuring your home reflects you and the quality of your life. The language of her art & design has given rise to almost a decade of business success.

Our team creates unique lifestyle experiences that are curated and collected like art. Living with art is the secret ingredient to living well. With innovative ideas and inspired creativity, she uses a wide range of products to provide all the essential elements to create beautifully appointed interiors.

With handcrafted materials carefully selected from all over the world and a level of service well exceeding industry standards, Valérie Barth Studio represents the very epitome of design.

Nothing is more rewarding than having a client who returns to a completely transformed home, wishing for a long-lasting relationship with us afterwards.

Valérie Barth attributes her success to the close professional relationships she strives to build with her clients. Receiving a call to update a space or work for a former client on a second or third home years later is a wonderful feeling, one which the founder describes as a part of her experience.

According to the CEO, the interior design of your home tells a story about you, your personal style and how you define your sanctuary. One’s home should reflect one’s lifestyle and personality.

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During every project regardless of size, Valerie Barth gives her clients her full, personalized attention throughout the process. From fabric, furniture and floor plans to windows, walls and accessories, she puts forward attractive ideas, welcoming her clients’ participation, and then creates interiors specific to their lifestyle and taste.

Our team has a keen ability to translate clients’ needs into comfortable, beautiful spaces. The furniture and unique pieces, created from sensuous, quality materials, combining luxury with simplicity to enhance, illuminate and create a warm, unique and contemporary atmosphere in your home. The designs of Valérie bring soul to your interiors, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary for you.