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CSR Policy is our strategic roadmap to attain our business objectives and ensure we operate according to the following guidelines.

Our Corporate Culture

For nearly 15 years, we have been successfully providing a full range of exclusive designs, planning and turnkey fit-out services for our clients. Our steady growth over these years can be attributed to our primary principle of commitment to quality and our strengths, namely client confidentiality, strategic planning, interior project management and superior workmanship, and a multi-cultural team. Our ability to overcome project challenges without compromising on quality, serves as a testament to our commitment. For every project, we ensure accuracy and efficiency by putting the emphasis on initial detailed project planning, thorough co-ordination, value engineering, intensive design, client involvement and project management. Self-evaluation is another key factor for our development. We embrace new technologies, design ideas and construction methods, and know the potential of space is an ongoing process at our studio. The saga of Valérie’s success is a testimony to the excellent relationships we have built with our clients over the past 15 years. It has been accomplished with trust, value and high performance. We believe these values are the cornerstone of good business relations. We realize that responsible business is all about delivering precisely what has been agreed to with a client. This is possible because we operate according to certain principles of interaction, be it at meetings, in our communications, when drawing up the contract, and during implementation of the project. We endeavour to be open and transparent with our esteemed clients in their dealings with our company. Through this service charter, Valerie Barth Interior Design Studio constantly strives to improve the products and services for their clients, with consistency and high standards, to provide ever better services. We ensure full confidentiality and discretion.

Our customer service

Our service standards and what you can expect from us.

We will deal with you in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.
We will deliver our services as contracted, ethically and with integrity.
We ensure availability and suitability of the facilities required to provide the contracted services.
We will provide services according to approved procedures and commitments.
We will build positive relationships.
We will treat your information confidentially.
We will respond to your enquiries and complaints in an accurate and timely manner.
We will recognize and respect your rights and needs as well as those of your company.
We will work in partnership with you to achieve optimum results.
We will acknowledge and respond to your request for service and after-service.
We are committed to rectifying a problem, should there be any.
We will refer you to the appropriate bodies if the matter is not within our ambit.
We will keep you informed of project activity and progress throughout the period of the contract.

Dealing with complaints and grievances

If you are unhappy with the service you have received or if you feel that we have not met the standards in this charter, then:

You can lodge your complaint via our e-mail:
We will respond promptly and conscientiously to all complaints received.
We aim to investigate your complaint, put forward an action to solve it, and seek your feedback about the proposed action and advise you as to when a final response can be expected.

If you visit us, we will:

Be friendly, courteous, and professional at all times.
Provide you with information and directions.
Provide knowledgeable staff to assist you.
Be available between 09.00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (France time) each working day (Mon-Fri), but we can change the timings for our international clients due to time zone difference.

What we expect from you

Fair and courteous treatment of our employees.
And open and candid attitude with us.
Feedback – both positive and negative – to improve our service through complaints, compliments and suggestions.
Attendance of scheduled meetings, especially those related to your feedback.
Compliance with any requirements and other obligations you are to meet to be eligible for the services you require.

FINALLY, we believe in accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for each other and above all humanity.


Our Code of Conduct helps to protect our reputation. We at Valérie Barth Studio aim to conduct our business as a responsible corporate citizen within the framework of the law, using responsible practices in the interest of the environment, society, employees and stakeholders.
We provide a safe and healthy working environment, and will not compromise the health and safety of any individual. Our goal is to have no accidents and mitigate impacts on the environment by working with our stakeholders, partners and others to promote responsible environmental practices and continuous improvement.