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Sustainable development and interior decoration

The CEO of the company firmly abides by certain rules and acts in accordance with the interior design professionals’ codes of ethics; the priority of interior designers is the protection of the health, safety, and the welfare of the public in the built environment. Valérie Barth Studio is responsible and always tries to incorporate sustainability into the designs. Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact on buildings though efficient and moderate use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem in the wider sense.

Our team at Valérie Barth take a responsible attitude to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment. The idea of sustainability and ecological design is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations. We also try to adopt green architecture and green design, which is an approach to building that minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment. A “green” architect or designer attempts to look after the air, water and the earth by using eco-friendly building materials and construction practices. The benefits of green building are numerous, and include health and safety benefits. Valérie Barth Studio ensures that her suppliers run their businesses in a sustainable way, conserving natural resources and efficiently using energy, water and materials. Wherever possible, she sources renewable materials that have been sustainably certified and meet strict environmental and socially responsible criteria. Energy-efficiency is at the heart of her interior design as she installs the most high-efficiency materials, whether they be heavy insulated curtains that keep the cold and sun out, low-energy lighting systems, or walls painted in a light colour to capture natural daylight and reflect heat from other objects or walls that retain the heat. For example, one of the Valérie’s supplier’s aims is to be completely phthalate-free by 2018 and has BREEAM and LEED project certification and is A+ certified. Their products don’t contain heavy metals and are REACH compliant.

For example, sustainable design projects plan efficient use of space, choose materials with a low environmental impact, and reduce energy consumption, pollution, and waste.

We believe that a healthy interior environment leads to greater comfort and satisfaction.

Finally, we achieve an aesthetic result and design sustainably without compromising on appearance.