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founder valerie barth


Born in Dijon, Burgundy, the founder Valérie Barth grew up with a love of haute cuisine and a gift for warm hospitality.
Determined and playful, she is from a family of designers and woodworkers faithful to the tradition of artistry in creative professions.

Drawn to the idea of sculpting spaces, she set out to forge her destiny at the prestigious Olivier de Serres Advanced School of Applied Arts in Paris.

She later settled on the Côte d’Azur, where she was enchanted by the beauty of the landscape and the magic of the light.

Since 2004, her architecture studio has reflected her strong sense of human worth. She has been able to create subtly refined spaces on the French Riviera for an exceptional clientele.

Since she started her career very young and being a Mother she had to strike a balance between her family life and business. As a young business women she had to deal with International clients who were much advanced in age and highly experienced .

Original, talented, stubborn, nothing can stop this young woman who dares marriage of genres and styles. Her audacity lies in the use of unusual weddings, rare materials, covering mix.

Beautiful friendships can arise from business relationships and strengthen over time.

“The conceptualisation of interiors responds to a need that ultimately allows one to realise one’s own dreams. This makes it possible to create restrained luxury and an art of refined living that is as sophisticated as it is sublime.”

“We fashion life settings, backgrounds against which the significant moments of life unfold with family, friends, and loved ones during celebrations and meals.”

Barth Valerie


  • 1979 Birth at Dijon (burgundy) in France
  • 2000 Alumni of Olivier de Serres Advanced School of Applied Arts in Paris
  • 2002 Interior designed 140 feet yachts for stars
  • 2004 Creation of the company Valérie Barth Interior Design and worked on prestigious projects at the tender age of 24
  • 2011 Opening of the Design Studio at Antibes-Juan les Pins on the Pinede Gould
  • 2014 Selected for 50 000m2 project for Skema International Business School of Campus Sophia Antipolis
  • 2015 Developed the international services for turn key projects with team of collaborators
  • 2016 Signature of partnership with banks, wealth company and real estate companies
  • 2017 Awarded by Build magazine in UK as one of the best interior designer of the year

Shortlisted as a women entrepreneur by Le Figaro magazine on “Business with Attitudeaward

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The hidden face of Valérie is intimately based in her home.