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Estimate the cost of a project

Work well with your interior designer

We design exclusive projects that are too challenging to be carried out by our clients. We come up with creative ideas and add value to the renovation project. We are familiar with both the process involved and aware of our clients’ expectations. For example, if a client is planning to sell a property, we will make sure that the money invested in renovating it is recovered in the sale, and that it will make the property easier to sell

Architects play a key role, because even the largest house, if poorly designed, can lack space. Architects have the expertise to recruit and manage the contractors and ensure the success of a renovation and design project. They can also provide sound advice on the latest design and management trends, so that customers can get on with their project. They know how space can be utilised to best effect by altering the layout, splitting spaces, creating partitions, etc., something customers would never be able to do. You need expertise and know-how to bring life to a property.

At Valerie Barth Studio, we have a very honest approach towards our clients. We consider that an architect/designer is usually too expensive for very small-scale projects (less than 80m² surface area); larger projects, on the other hand, need architects/designers to act both as artists and project managers to plan a space that is in keeping with your lifestyle.

Most designers are occasional decorators. So first, make sure the person you contact is a professional (with a proper qualification) and is qualified for the job. Then, check his or her experience and expertise by looking at completed projects. Designers should take out both liability insurance against defective work and a ten-year building guarantee policy. If they are not properly insured, you may run into difficulty.

When you meet the designer for the first time, there should be an immediate connection between you and him or her; you will be working very closely together. He or she should inspire confidence in you as a true partner for the entire project. If you don’t sense this at the beginning, do not hire him or her, or you’ll find it very difficult to work together. Mutual understanding and trust is a must from the very start. It is also crucial that you can rely on his/her ability not only to help you through the design process, but through the entire duration of the project as it progresses.

At Valerie Barth Studio, we have over 15 years’ experience in the building industry, which is substantiated by customer testimonials.

Clients we worked with over the past ten years have become our friends. Valérie, Valerie Barth Studio senior designer, has a typical French flair and this French heritage is reflected in the interiors she designs. Valerie Barth Studio’s furnishing and decorative features exude a wonderfully French style, but we can take our inspiration from any style in the world if you so wish.

Our studio has an approach that is perfect for an international clientèle, constantly travelling, and too busy to keep an eye on the project’s progress. You can rely on our very flexible and cost-conscious team. We have very broad expertise and keep control of the design process, costs and project management.

At Valerie Barth Studio, we have a creative style, but we can adapt our designs to the wishes and tastes of our clients.

In recent years, we have been designing projects with a Mediterranean, contemporary style – pure lines, light motifs, beautiful coverings and natural effects.

The designer is always the best partner for purchasing. We place orders with regular suppliers all the year round, which helps bring the prices down. So, if you want to benefit from preferential rates, please leave it up to us to purchase supplies.

We can arrange a visit of our completed projects if you wish.

The main office is based on the French Riviera, and we have two other offices in Paris and London. We can undertake projects at short notice in Europe, with the support of a network of professionals we’ve built up over the years, such as real estate agents, partners, banks, tax consultants, lawyers, translators, etc.

We can help you worldwide. First, we communicate by e-mail, then we study together the main features of your project and plan a meeting wherever you are based. International projects outside Europe are also welcome. In this case, we will design the project in France, meet you in your country and provide contacts for workers based as close as possible to the project location. If it is not possible for any reason, we will let you know promptly.

Yes. We have an international team to make sure you’ll be able to communicate. We can even translate our discussions. There is no language barrier at Valerie Barth Studio. We will travel to meet you, if necessary.

You will find an introduction to our team right here (the team). The team is well-trained by Valérie, and has wide experience in a variety of fields, enabling them to meet any requirements and help you with your project. Working together as partners is above all an adventure.

We work with selected suppliers, manufacturers, stores, artisans, and artists. We screen people on the quality of our relationship, and on the quality of their products and services.

We are committed to delivering top quality on schedule with our partners, so we simply cannot accept any problems during the project. They are not only subcontractors, but partners in our success.

You can send layouts, photos, details of the property or samples of designs that could be useful for the initial phase. If you don’t have any, we can still help make your dreams come true.

We will discuss your lifestyle, your habits, and your wishes, to learn about you, your family, and those who will be living in the property, etc. Then we start to imagine and envision your project with you. We strongly believe that the space is directly related to a person’s lifestyle.

When you know how you want to use the place, how many people will be living there, how often you will be staying there, and your space allocation expectations: a warm and welcoming indoor and outdoor living area, a quiet place to read a book, rooms to be alone, a desk for working, etc. Please let us know. Then you need to figure out the maximum budget for your project. Once you give us your budget and the quality you expect, we will be in a better position to help you.

It will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hrs; but we are flexible, and it can be longer, if necessary.

Projects depend on the specifications set by you. To give you a rough idea, a renovation project for a 150m² property would take around 2 months for design, and 3 months to complete.

Of course – but remember that we can work on all your interior design projects

As much as you want to be. Otherwise, you will receive a monthly report from us during the design process, and a weekly report while the project is progressing. But you are welcome to be more involved.

Yes, Valerie Barth Studio will assign a single person for you.

The design reflected in the sketches is supposed to meet your requirements and specifications. If it does not appeal to you, we can draw up more. After a third set of sketches, if you are still unhappy, we have misunderstood each other. You are free to dispense with our services at this point, as we always propose sketches before entering into an agreement.

We work on residential projects such as second homes, restaurants, hotels, yachts and public facilities.

Our suppliers and partners will answer any of your requests and offer their best price. If you have your own subcontractors and artisans, we can get in touch with them with an RFQ and eventually work with them.

This is our preferred option: managing the project from the beginning through to completion is the key to success.

We also act as property consultants, providing services relating to property investment in France and in Europe, and we also provide maintenance services.

A project with less than 80m² surface area is too small. Renovation only makes sense for projects above 80m².

We have managed a 60,000m² project! But, we do not set limits!

Of course – but remember that we can work on all your interior design projects.

Based on our network of trusted contacts with factories, we manage the supply chain in-house to deliver on time and keep the cost within budget.

The Valerie Barth Studio USP (unique selling proposition) is our customer service philosophy: we deliver within the deadline.  In short, we fast-track projects!

We provide a contract containing the general terms on our services.

Licences are not required from interior designers; this requirement only applies to architects. Our team includes both of these professions.

Valerie Barth Studio can save you money by delivering within the budget agreed upon at the beginning of the assignment. You can upgrade the project at any time, and we will suggest possible ways to come up with the best outcome. You are, however, free to decide.

We invoice every month depending on the progress of the design work.

Valerie Barth Studio gives you a rough idea of the budget based on your design expectations.

We propose options and alternatives for you to choose from. We will never impose an option on you. You are free to choose the less costly and keep control over your investment.

We require that some items be purchased through Valerie Barth Studio, such as tiles, sanitary items, but you will be free to choose and change.

There will be no cost if the meeting is arranged in France or Monaco. If we must travel abroad, reasonable fees will be charged.

We will send you a proposal and if you agree, we will meet you there.

We source directly from factories based in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, and the UK.

At Valerie Barth Studio, your style is ours. We adhere to your design, style and colour scheme. We want you to feel good about your project. We can also advise you on best possible way of achieving it through innovation.

These are two different jobs. The first one looks after the human aspect, and will focus on the detail; while the second one deals with construction issues, and will focus on indoor and outdoor spaces. They work hand in hand to deliver the construction and design project in the best possible way.

You don’t need to be specific in your initial request. Very often, we start with, “I like white; I don’t like marble…” and gradually, we start to understand your needs and preferences.

Of course. We are keen to use sustainable materials and eco-responsible brands. Our creations are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Requests like these often come up during the design process. We believe that the item suggested by you can be the key feature of the room, and we usually design around it.

We will present a mood board to you, so you’ll have an idea of the overall “feel” of a design. Boards will then show you all the objects selected together so you can confirm that this is the style you imagined.

Contact is usually by e-mail. This is the most convenient means of communication since there are no time restrictions.

Based on the contract terms, we will visit the work site once a week, but it is more often than that. We are in contact with the team daily. Subcontractors often need us to come up with solutions so they can avoid having to stop work.

You will receive a weekly report listing the tasks with photos of the work completed on the site.

The application takes 3 months and 2 additional months to avoid to be denied. This the minimum timescale.

We draw up the application, check all the legal requirements, and do our best to ensure it has a chance of success. However, we always abide by the law and will not go against a legal decision. Honestly speaking, we cannot guarantee that your specific project will be granted a permit. No one can.