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Who we are

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Valerie Barth Studio is a lifestyle design company based on the Côte d’Azur. Our interiors team, based on the French Riviera, takes on large-scale projects ranging from entire homes and hotels to corporate offices and high-rise residential buildings.


The French Riviera, also known as the Côte d Azur, is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe and ranks among the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. Tourists travel here from all corners of the globe; business people, artists and retirees settle here to enjoy a high quality of life. Our headquarters are on the French Riviera, but we are have offices in Paris and London, serving international clients.


Valerie Barth Studio is a multi-disciplinary interior architecture and design company, providing a complete range of services to the high-end residential sector, including architectural interior design, interior decoration, bespoke furniture, landscape architecture and consultancy. Valerie barth builds memory into the object. The materials used in her designs have a story to their process. When you touch the object designed by her, your senses are immediately aroused. Her designs are infused with vitality, soul and character; you are taken on a journey of discovery.


Each project that she handles is very individual. A close and trusting partnership is fundamental for a good result. Usually, she quickly has a picture in her mind of what it could look like and has a “feel” for the design. You can feel interiors designed by her – their aura, atmosphere and impact. Her inspiration comes from the parameters of the project – the room itself, the environment – as well as from the client. She also gets her inspirations from nature, travel, the patterns and colours in different cultures, and from everyday life: museum visits, art, fashion, trade magazines and much more


The Founder Valerie Barth began with interior designing, renovation and consulting work. Now, the company has moved on to project management and real estate (property consultant and finder) to better manage the construction and fabrication of her designs. At Valerie Barth Studio, our team do their best to turn your project into reality. Our clients come to us because we are genuine, personable and professional. We work hard to bring your vision to life and to complete projects as seamlessly as possible. Our personal integrity and values call for transparency that builds trust and lasting relationships with all our clients.


We at Valerie Barth Studio gather our fabrics, imagination and experience, and then our inspiration leads us somewhere totally new. The result of her interior design is spectacular, mystical and magical; and the end product is impeccably tailored. In short, the clients can expect the unexpected. There are some brands that are fun – meaning that they make you smile; Valerie Barth like to put her clients at ease, to get them to relax. It happens all the time. A person is faced with the task of decorating a room. Stress and indecision follow. Valerie Barth has a quick sense of humour, and will make you smile. In a world of stress and fear, the greatest luxury of all might be a heartfelt laugh.


Valerie’s signature style tells a story, expresses a poetic notion, a thought or an experiment, and she just makes everyone smile! She can bring a touch of luxury and humour to your lifestyle, while adding a dash of the unexpected.

Valerie Barth is so much more than a brand. Her studio is a product of passion, imagination and creative vision.



– Valerie Barth –

Our sketch in video

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We can communicate by telephone, email, WhatsApp and Skype. You will receive regular updates and a photo report so you can keep track of your project.

French Touch

Our outlook and style are above all marked by French daring that sublimates spaces.


Based in France and in the United Kingdom, we are very flexible and can go to where your project is located.


We are committed to dealing with your project in the shortest possible time.


For each project, we can offer security services.


Our happy clients

  • Our house is a holiday home, we have followed the work from afar. But thanks to Valerie's regular emails, work photos, proposals and long and frequent phone conversations, we were able to follow closely the work which was important for us
    Mr & Mrs D. London, Great Britain
  • Our house is a holiday home, we have followed the work from afar. But thanks to Valerie's regular emails, work photos, proposals and long and frequent phone conversations, we were able to follow closely the work which was important for us
    Mr & Mrs D. London, Great Britain
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Valerie Barth Studio is an interior design and design company based on the French Riviera, providing seamless integration of style, function and quality. After completing her course at the prestigious Olivier de Serres Advanced School of Applied Arts in Paris….


Valerie starts as an Independent worker in Cannes and launch of projects for Ambassador family ….

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Valerie Barth


Born in Dijon, Burgundy, Valerie Barth grew up with a love of haute cuisine and a gift for warm hospitality. Determined and playful, she is from a family of designers and woodworkers faithful to the tradition of artistry in creative professions. Drawn to the idea of sculpting spaces, she set out to forge her destiny at the prestigious Olivier de Serres Advanced School of Applied Arts in Paris….